Month: October 2010

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Allow Your Dreams to Develop

I can recall coming up with a great idea and thinking about it for a few minutes and while I’m thinking about how I can try to make this happen I begin to doubt myself. This doubt usually isn’t an accurate assumption of my potential to reach the goal, its usually the result of my analyzing my new idea against my past or current situation. I’ve since learned the error of my ways.

100,000,000 False Assumptions Put to Rest

I believe that people make a lot of assumptions about others. That’s both good a bad. Its good to assume that best about people. But sometimes I’ve found myself using my assumptions about someone else as an excuse as to why I couldn’t accomplish similar things as they have.

How to choose your goals?

I think that you have a goals that stretch you to another level mentally, they will force you to be creative in manifesting them physically. When deciding on what my 12 month goal would be for my company, I started with a few simple questions:

“Difficult takes a day, Impossible takes a week”

To say publicly that I want to build a $10,000,000 company in 1 year may seem stupid to some, but to me it makes a lot of sense. Its an opportunity for me to try to do something that I think would be life changing, not only for me but for those who follow me along the process and all of the families that I protect along the way. After all, I’m just a guy from poor ass East St. Louis.

If our goals could talk, they would say “Focus or F*ck us!”

Today, more than ever, its easy to get distracted by new ideas, old ideas, other peoples opinions, problems that arrive, twitter, Facebook, television etc. The list goes on and on. But despite all of the potential distractions its still our responsibility to achieve our personal, family and professional goals.

How making an extra $10 a day can change your life and double your income tax refund in 12 months?

If you were offered an opportunity to receive either $10,000 per day for a month or 1 penny but you get to double that penny each day for a month, which one would you pick?

How BIG is your BUT? – How your but size can hinder your dreams

Today more than ever it seems that there is something in the water contributing to the size of everybody’s BUT. Every day I as long as I can remember, I’ve had a conversation with someone, male or female about their BUT. Some of them are so huge that you can see them coming a mile a way.