If our goals could talk, they would say “Focus or F*ck us!”

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If our goals could talk, they would say “Focus or F*ck us!”

Today, more than ever, its easy to get distracted by new ideas, old ideas, other peoples opinions, problems that arrive, twitter, Facebook, television etc.  The list goes on and on.  But despite all of the potential distractions its still our responsibility to achieve our personal, family and professional goals.  In a world where multitasking is celebrated, it seems as if single minded focus on the task at hand has become a skill that needs to be reprogrammed into me.

I was diagnosed with Self Imposed Attention Deficit Disorder by my 4 year old niece.  One day after school she asked me to play with her, and I obliged.   But every so often I would check my phone when I thought she was doing her own thing.  Then it happened.  She took my phone from my hands put it in her pocket and said, “Now lets start over and pay attention this time.”

It’s been tough for me to stop working on new ideas, to turn off the TV while I’m reading, and not check my twitter while I’m spending time with my family.  Despite the struggle I always feel better when I just do one thing at a time.  My attempts to multitask showed my huge lack of prioritization when it came my time and the things that I think are most important in life like spending time with my niece.  By doing so many things at once, not only was I doing a poor job, but I was also missing the beauty of being in the moment.

I’ve learned that if I’m not able to focus on the single task at hand, I may as well forget being taken seriously by my business associates and more importantly my family and friends.  In essence, my goals of being a great business person and human being are speaking to me loud and clear, saying “Focus on us during the time you’ve promised or forget about making a difference.”