How to choose your goals?

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How to choose your goals?

“The mind when stretched by a new idea can never return to its original form.”

I think that you have a goals that stretch you to another level mentally, they will force you to be creative in manifesting them physically.  I’m not the first person who wants to have a company to sell $10,000,000 of Insurance premiums in one year.  To put my goal in perspective, I have a friend that has built an organization that currently does close to $300,000,000 per year in insurance premium, so I have a great model to follow to insure my success.

Even though others have done more, I wanted to make sure that I didn’t set a goal that I didn’t think would be achievable at this point in my life, making it a fantasy that I couldn’t take seriously.  Its important for me to learn to crawl before I try out for the Olympics.  Also I never allow another persons goals diminish the importance of my own.

When deciding on what my 12 month goal would be for my company, I started with a few simple questions:

  1. If I went balls out and worked my ass off on this one project only what could I accomplish?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the worse and 10 being totally life changing, what would the effect on my life be if I dedicated a full year to this project only?
  3. What models could I find to copy or what experiences have I had in the past that are relevant to this project?
  4. What would be something cool to do that could be life changing for me and others around me?
  5. Is this goal life changing regardless of the outcome?

Hopefully this questions can help you to determine how to reach your personal goals.

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