100,000,000 False Assumptions Put to Rest

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100,000,000 False Assumptions Put to Rest

“There will always be a great excuse, but never a great reason for not pursuing your dreams.”

I believe that people make a lot of assumptions about others.  That’s both good and bad.  Its good to assume the best about people.  But sometimes I’ve found myself using my assumptions about someone else as an excuse as to why I couldn’t accomplish similar things as they have.  For example, I’ve said, “I didn’t have anybody to leave me money to start a business,” or “Well, he knows how to program computers, I don’t.”  I can go on and on about excuses that I’ve used to not try something in the past.

My goal with this blog to be as transparent as possible.  You will learn about deals that will be made along the way, along with things that I’ve done over the past 15 years to get to the point where I am now.  I will also share goals that I’ve set to accomplish so that you can hold me accountable to making this dream a reality.

So lets get some of the basic FALSE ASSUMPTIONS out of the way.

False Assumption #1: It cost a lot to start this business

False Assumption #2: I’m smarter than you are

False Assumption #4: I have more than 24 hours in a day

False Assumption #5: You can’t do the same thing

False Assumption #6: I can’t count

I intentionally left False Assumption #3 out because I know that your smart ass is assuming something that I didn’t cover.  Well add your own #3 to the list. LOL Whatever excuse you are using shouldn’t be important enough to hold you back from pursuing your dreams.

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