Allow Your Dreams to Develop

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Allow Your Dreams to Develop

“Don’t Let your Past or your Present, steal your Future.”

I can recall coming up with a great idea and thinking about it for a few minutes and while I’m thinking about how I can try to make this happen I begin to doubt myself.  This doubt usually isn’t an accurate assumption of my potential to reach the goal, its usually the result of my analyzing my new idea against my past or current situation.  I would look at what I’d already accomplished or what I had resources available to work with now to determine if I thought this idea worthy of pursuing.

I’ve since learned the error of my ways.  To look to the past or at my current situation in life can be healthy at times, but it can also be very harmful.  Imagine all of the things that would have never been invented if everyone thought that way.  Virtually everything that does exist now wouldn’t besides plants and animals. If God had this train of thought, plants and animals wouldnt exist either.

Since we cant determine who we will meet in the future, what resources will become available, what technology will be invented, basically since we dont know shit about the future lets not destroy it before we give it a chance to grow.  That means that I had to learn to let my ideas breathe.

The idea for this project was originally written on my goals list back in 2001.  10 years ago, the technology didnt exist for my company to operate in its current business model.  So Imagine if I would have given up on the idea.  Back in 2006 a national stepshow had never happened.  I gave up on that idea prematurely and in 2009, I watched it come to pass and millions of dollars funnel into someone else’s pockets.

Currently, I have 20 partial business plans that I have started in some fashion.  They may never all come to pass, but it give me the practice that I need in order to vocalize my ideas.

So Dream the most fascinating dreams that you can when it come to your ideas.  But remember to write your ideas down and continue to refresh them as new ideas and technology become available to make your ideas a reality.  If you strategize your dreams too early, you will end up compromising on the results too early because of external circumstances.

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