Start A Business & Keep Your Job Episode 2 w/ Keisha Kidan

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Start A Business & Keep Your Job Episode 2 w/ Keisha Kidan


Four green houses and one red hotel… What game am I talking about?  If you said Monopoly, you would be correct.  Growing up we’ve all spent hours playing this board game.  And if you are like most, you probably had some crazy ass house rules that you tried to enforce when you  played.  LOL  Even with just $200 a paycheck, you were able to buy power through those little plastic houses.

In this Episode of Start A Business & Keep Your Job, Keisha Kidan tells you how she went from playing Monopoly with family and friends, to making up her own house rules when she started buying up properties in Atlanta and Chicago in real life while working as a paralegal.

Now she has a Masters Degree and is keeping her job teaching for an online university.  Bottom line… your ass don’t have an excuse for not starting a business.  Watch this video, the go out and  Start A Business & Keep Your Job .


Some of the main points to take away are:

  • Just start doing something
  • Experience is the best teacher
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • Starting a business builds confidence

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